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    These are areas in the world where individual live longer and have  low levels of disease.

    Then  concept of ideal body weight is based on weight and height scales  for age and sex-they are suboptimal as they take into account total body weight and not percentage body fat.

    The factors contributing to weight gain and obesity differ from person to person .its is better that you have a thorough evaluation to figure out what is contributing to weight gain and hence individualize treatment.

    This refers to the process of eliminating environmental toxins that we encounter .This process can become suboptimal of overwhelmed  causes an accumulation of environment toxins in tissue with associated consequences.

    The process can be optimized appropriately’uaing various detox regimens 

    Yes food is medicine -the food we eat  contains macro and micronutrients and the quality and quantity of food influence our metabolism and our overall health.

    It is partially true. Our diet goes a long way to influence our metabolism. We however need to  digest and absorb our food. Maldigestion and Malabsorption  affect  what we absorb from our diet and  in turn influence our metabolism.

    They are microorganisms usually bacteria that are intentionally consumed  for an intended health  benefit -usually to help reestablish a healthy gut microbiome. 

    Fasting -especially intermittent fasting  regimen of eating  in a 8hour time period in a 24 hour  DAY has  health benefits including Improving immunity ,  insulin sensitivity and  blood pressure .

    Always consult your physician before starting a fasting regimen.

    These are  organelles within the  cell  that are considered the electrical powerhouse within the cell. They are involved in generation of energy  and  cellular respiration.

    Supplements differ in quality’s based on the manufacturer.I will advise pharmaceutical grade supplements from  renowned companies that source Good  raw materials