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Weightloscity is  a new paradigm in weight loss in which we approach weight loss as more  than a CALORIES AND CALORIES OUT APPROACH. We emphasize appropriate diet and exercise but we go beyond these.

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    Weightloscity Features

    Our weight loss program is not a one-size fits all program. It is individualized and we use a functional medicine approach with the aim of optimizing metabolism to enhance weight loss COMPONENTS OF OUR PROGRAM

    Lipo Laser

    Our lipolaser machine is available for both sculpting and for treating cellulite. It uses 3 wave lengths to Split subcutaneous fat into fatty acids and glycerol.

    The use of Body mass index which is the weight to height ratio is an in adequate indicator of Weight status.

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    Detox helps enhance the weight loss experience as we rid the body of toxins that cause fatigue and decrease the efficacy of weight loss programs.

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    Effective allergy testing helps us choose the appropriate elimination diet to improve weight loss.

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